Sex trafficking has been a problem what has been around for a long time. Jennifer Schroeder states that human trafficking is a big issue around the world and is also in the United States. Many Americans are unaware about how serious this matter is due to the little media coverage (Schroeder). In recent years there has been a spick in the amount of people being forced into the practice (Raymond, PhD). The definition of Sex trafficking is explains by Schroeder as "any situation where one person "holds another person in compelled service"". Trafficking consist of anything from prostitution, pornography, to debt bondage. Estimates show that 80% of trafficking is sexual exploitation and 20% labor (11 Facts). The people who are the traffickers are immigrants and people who are poor and not well educated and are looking for a better life usually “between the ages of 12 to 17 years old” (Schroeder). Women who are in the trafficking circle are at higher risk for HIV/STD’s and permanent damage to reproductive organs (11 Facts). The average slave cost about $90 to purchase (11 Facts). This industry has started to get very bad and has hurt many people and there families and friends.