Everyone knows that sex slavery and human trafficking is illegal, but still continues to happen all over the world. We have learned that this problem has been going on for century’s. It’s to be believed that it’s been going on since the human species has started. It has been a way for people to control other people. Most people that are being trafficked, are there to pay off some kind of debt. This could be through family members or something else. This is not always the case, some of these girls have been captured and brought to this environment. I have learn that this not only an issue in the untied states but all over the world. There have been so many groups and people who have tried to stop this issue. I know the government has be involved but I don’t believe they are as much as they should. This human trafficking is costing america a lot of money, but the people involved are making tons of money. These people doing this are dangerous and will do anything to keep this going on. I don’t believe this issue will ever go away. Its been apart of humans since day one and will continue to grow.