Sexual slavery and human trafficking has been around for centuries. Ancient cultures like the Romans, Egyptians, and the Persians had practiced sex trafficking during 3000 BC to 300 AD through prostitution and sexual exportation (De La Rosa). European slave trade began in Africa and also many parts of Europe in 1441 (De La Rosa). These practices continued for many years, it was what the economy depended on. Once the New World was found, and the civil war was over congress ratified the 13th amendment in 1865, which had abolished slavery (De La Rosa). De La Rosa informs us that in 1902, "the International Agreement for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic was drafted in order to prevent the reproduction of children through sex trafficking or human trafficking purposes". Then in 1910 the United States had passes the Mann Act, which would not allow people to migrate prostitution and sex slavery across national or international border lines (De La Rosa) Even though these acts were passes, it still didn't stop the sex trafficking.

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