Goals to Reach and Children in Poverty

I thought this was interesting that the USA has not reached and is far from reaching the 0.7% poverty level. My sources are at the bottom.

The remaining six countries

Only six countries have not yet set up a schedule to give 0.7%. These are Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States. To raise the $195 billion a year, these six will need to reach the goal.

These six countries are all democracies. All that is necessary for them to reach the 0.7% goal is for enough of their citizens to show their support.

Sources: UN Millennium Project, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The End of Poverty (Jeffrey D. Sachs), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Children In Poverty

Studies show that children in poverty between the ages of 9 and 10 and children from wealthy homes difference is almost equivalent to the damage of a stroke. These children have trouble paying attention in school and learning basic skills. Research shows that waves of malnutrition, stress, illiteracy and toxic enviroments all play a role in low in come childrens lives. These children also have trouble with language development, paying attention in school and planning their futures.

Children In Poverty and malnutrition
Because of poverty it is stated that children are suffering from malnutrition. Among poor children, 2.4% experienced hunger at some point in the year 2002. One theory that is believed is that lack of money forced poor people to eat low quality diets that were lacking nutrients and high in fat. Research shows that nutrient density doesn’t vary based on income rate.
Overconsumption of calories is a problem among the poor because whenever they can afford food they eat as much of it as they can. However this is also a problem among the general U.S. population. On average, poor children have no evidence of widespread signifigcant undernutrition and they seem to be very well nourished. The problems of "thinness" and "stuntedness" are both indicators of malnutrtion and both factors are rare to non exsistent among poor American children.