Sexual slavery and human trafficking has been a problem that we have had in our society for a very long time and it has evolved into a dirty business that has killed and hurt people and there loved ones. In Ohio they are, “spending $4 million to hire specially trained case managers, establishing residential treatment programs, and training law enforcement and social service personnel.” (Johnson) this program has been a big step to try and help to minimize this big problem. Also when we look back we can see that the age for people being put into slavery has been getting younger and more open to whoever they can get. As the sate is trying to help, all the citizens are becoming more aware about what’s going on around them and are becoming more inspired to fight this problem. With programs like The Price of Life and there fight to increase awareness on Sexual slavery and human trafficking, the people who have help to put all these programs together have all been around in one form or another. This problem has made humans look so bad and it still presets to grow and we can only hope that with time and the help of the government and programs like The Price of Life, we can put all this aside and finally find some good and stop the Sexual slavery and human trafficking industry .

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