Alcohol History

Since 1970 the debated of lowering the legal drinking age has been an argument. By the year of 1988 all 50 states leagl drinking age was age 21; the government had and great influence by withholding federal highway funds to those states who refused to change the legal drinking age. According to "In 1994, 67.5 percent of college students had used alcohol within the past 30 days, a rate that has been in an overall decline since 1980." This statistic stating that college drinking is in an overall delcline, but recent research in 2009, Nancy Barnett, from Brown University and the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies stated "In a national survey, 85 percent of college students said they have tried alcohol, 69 percent have reported drinking in the past month and 10 percent have had five or more drinks in the past two weeks." Also Barnett stated "the drinking rate of young adults 18-25 years of age is twice that of those 26 years and up." So this overall decline has became a overall incline in the last decade due to more and more under and over 21 year old college students drinking.


Another main reason for the incline of college drinking would be the fact that drinks are becoming more and more appealing to younger students. Drinks such as "Four Loko" are huge flavorful 23.5oz drinks with 12% alcohol content. This is the new fad in college drinking. Its a large enough drink where you can have one and start to feel it, but at the same time it tastes like candy and has a caffeine level over 100mg. So essentially this "Four Loko" is beer, liquer and coffee all in one. Its pretty obvious why college students are beginning to drink these rather than 5 or 6 beers in one night.


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This website gave not only great statistics but at the same time had professional Nancy Barnett from Brown University and the Center for alcohol and addiction studies. It gave factual quotes from her, which are very credible based on her resume. This article was great for our wiki because of the stature of Mrs. Barnett.

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This website gave good statistics and explained new terms used today when talking about college drinking. It gives basic information one would need to understand college drinking and also shows how this problem is progressing.

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