Alcohol Analysis

Alcohol in our world today is usually viewed as a positive aspect of life. Especially if there's some sort of celebration, people always glorify having the best and most expensive alcohol such as: Rozay, Crysta`l, Champagne, and many others. Also when you usually think of alcohol, the thought that comes to mind is college kids getting drunk at parties. That is basically the stereotype of college and alcohol.
Then again there is another side or view of the affects of alcohol. There are people that grow up around alcohol whether their parents are alcoholic themselves, or their friends are. Usually when people see that way of living, they think it is alright for them to be living like the people they grew up around also.
Many colleges are faced with more complications of trying to keep drinking and student safe. They are finding more and more reason to drink alcohol. Estimate of 1,400 deaths has orruces in the year 2001. Colleges are trying educate thier students through the school websites. Colleges tell them of the may complications of drinking and ways to prevent it. One ways is that they promote ways that it can be safe, such as planning tranportaion a head of time. Encourage them to eat be students go out, and watch how many drinks they take. College also try to encourage there student to drink at home were they will be safer from strangers who may want to hurt them are if they blackout from to much drinking.
Stanton Peele explains in an internet article a few different views of how alcohol is viewed today. "The dominant contemporary vision of alcohol in the United States is that alcohol (a) is primarily negative and has exclusively hazardous consequences, (b) leads frequently to uncontrollable behavior, and (c) is something that young people should be warned against. The consequences of this vision are that when children do drink (which teenagers regularly do), they know of no alternative but excessive, intense consumption patterns, leading them frequently to drink to intoxication."

In: S. Peele & M. Grant (Eds.) (1999), Alcohol and pleasure: A health perspective, Philadelphia: Brunner/Mazel, pp. 1-7
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